Meditech Solution
About Meditech Solution Co., Ltd.
Meditech Solution Co., Ltd. is the first company in Asia that initated the development of communications equipment through the eyes for patients suffering from stroke and amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and commercialized under the name of "SenzE". We aimed to help all patients to regain their ability to communicate with others and motivates them to live with their valuable life with hope. We spent more than 3 years in research and development equipment "SenzE" with the great supported from National Innovation Agency of Thailand. In 2013, SenzE has been used with Paralysis and ALS patients and tested by Neuro medical experts at Prasart Neurological institute of Thailand. SenzE is also centified and approved to be safe and efficient for paralysis patients.

"How it works?
"SenzE" is the world first Eye Tracking System embedded with Thai software and Asia's first eye controlled communicative device for paralyzed patients. Image Processing technique are employed HD camera and Infrared Sensor would detect the patient's eye, just look at and hold for 2 seconds in the desired position as "Enter" command.

Eyes can Speak!
The patient may communicate in manner which is grouped as Feeling, Needs, Food& Drinks and Activities. Also the live chatting keyboard could be done by the patient and now supported in 18 languages with auto translation system to local language. Monitoring system through tablet or smart phone which helps doctor or caregivers tracking the patient in real time.

SenzE is of Thais innovation, certified and funded by National Innovation Agency (Public Organization) and prove its quality by successfully win Thai IT Tycoon 2012 Champion and Bronze Awards of TRUE Innovation Awards 2012. Having been used with patients and tested by experts at Prasat Neurological Institute, SenzE is also found to be safe and efficient.



✔ Winner, Thai IT Tycoon 2012 from Ministry of ICT of Thailand

✔ Winner , Thailand ICT Awards 2013 (E-health and well-being application)

✔ Winner , Thailand Innovation Business of the year 2013 from National Innovation Agency of Thailand

✔ Winner , Thailand Excellence Awards 2014 (New Product Innovation) from Frost & Sullivan (Asia Pacific)

✔ Winner , Thailand Innovation Awards 2014 (Social Innovation) from National Innovation Agency of Thailand


Senze has been patented in Thailand since year 2014